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Dr. Pitts’ specialty involves surgery of the mouth, facial bones and all associated structures. More common procedures include wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, and oral surgery to extract damaged teeth and repair or restructure the supporting bone (dentoalveolar surgery). However, a large number of surgical and non-surgical therapies can be provided for a variety of disorders, including maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, surgical endodontics (involving the roots of a tooth), TMJ disorders, bone graft procedures, oral pathology, and more.

Surgery can be performed in the office or the hospital. For your comfort and security, all forms of anesthesia are provided. The scope of Dr. Pitts’ Board certification and licensure includes all forms of anesthesia. As required by law, Dr. Pitts is licensed in the state of Maryland to provide Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. To assure your complete safety, only the most modern monitoring equipment and anesthetic agents are used during office procedures. Dr. Pitts maintains his certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and all of his staff members are CPR certified.

Dr. Pitts’ combined medical and dental training allows him to manage patients with complex medical problems for all types of surgery. He is also experienced in treating patients with special needs associated with disabilities or handicaps.

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