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Maxillofacial Surgery

The practice of maxillofacial surgery includes many surgical therapeutic modalities.

Maxillofacial surgeons are certainly some of the most broadly trained professionals in dealing with almost all types of facial deformities or anomalies. The most common classifications of procedures include:

  • Corrective Jaw Surgery /Orthognathic Surgery
    Involves surgical repositioning and reshaping of the jaws and facial bones to improve function and esthetics.
  • Reconstructive Surgery
    Involves repairing and repositioning bony portions of the face and soft tissue to improve function and esthetics. Used primarily for reconstruction of defects of the face from cancer, traumatic injury, or infection.
  • Secondary Reconstruction of Clefts
    Involves soft tissue surgery and some grafting to provide improved esthetics and function, and to allow complete dental rehabilitation.

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