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Q. What does Dr. Pitts’ practice philosophy emphasize?

A. My practice philosophy has always been patient-centered and quality of care oriented. The highest standard of care, and highest level of care and respect, is provided to every patient by me and all of my office staff. We are here to serve the needs of each patient, and provide only the best care for everyone. Also, maintaining a strong relationship with referring doctors to keep them informed regarding their patient’s care and progress, and making it as effortless as possible to transfer information regarding each patient, such as x-rays, correspondence, and referrals, is always a priority.

Q. When should I refer a patient to Dr. Pitts?

A. I am happy to consult with your patients on a wide range of issues. My scope of training includes not only dentoalveolar surgery, anesthesia for adults and children, and complex oral surgery procedures, but also oral pathology (emphasizing head and neck pathology and cancer), oral medicine and diagnostics, management of medically compromised patients, dental implants, major and minor bone graft procedures, surgical apicoectomies, temporomandibular joint therapy and surgery, treatment of facial deformities and malocclusions, management of facial fractures, laser surgery, esthetic procedures, x-ray diagnostics including 3-dimensional Cone-beam CT scans, and other procedures.

Q. How do I refer a patient to Dr. Pitts?

A. We try to make referring to our office specialized to your patient’s needs and your own office style. We accept all electronic forms of correspondence. Our referral form can be downloaded to your desktop. We also welcome electronic copies of x-rays, which can be e-mailed to us prior to your patient’s consultation. If your office does not currently use these forms of technology, you can mail the x-ray and referral to our office, and we will be happy to scan in film copies of x-rays to create a digital record for your patient. Patients may also hand carry the referrals and x-rays to our office. We will mail back your original after the initial appointment.

Q. What are Dr. Pitts primary areas of expertise?

A. I am broadly trained in my specialty, and have continued my training during 17 years of private practice to allow me to provide the highest standard of care for all of my patients. My practice emphasizes dentoalveolar surgery and anesthesia for adults and children, as well as management of head and neck cancer, oral pathology and oral medicine, dental implantology, maxillofacial reconstructive surgery and the correction of facial deformities and malocclusions, surgical endodontics (apical surgery), minor and major bone graft procedures, management of facial fractures, and temporomandibular joint therapy and surgery. As noted previously, my surgical skills, experience, and expertise allow me to provide a broad range of services for patients, in addition to those listed here.

Q. What types of anesthesia does Dr. Pitts use?

A. I offer a wide range of anesthesia to meet the needs of our patients. Local Anesthesia, Inhalational Sedation (using Inhalational Sevoflurane) for children or adults, Intravenous Sedation and General Anesthesia. All patients are assessed based on age, health and anxiety level, and the anesthesia choices are discussed with the patient or the patient’s parents at a consultation prior to scheduling their surgery, to allow them to make the best choice possible for their individual needs. I am also skilled in treating patients with special needs. All patients are assessed, and recommendations are made with comfort in mind.

Q. Which insurance plans do you accept?

A. We accept all indemnity insurance plans. As a courtesy to your patients, we interview the insurance company and try to estimate what portion the insurance will pay and collect only the patient portion at the time of surgery.

We are currently participating with several dental insurance plans which include Delta Dental, United Concordia, and BC/BS. learn more on our Insurance Plans page.

Q. Do you offer patient financing?

A. I understand that working in dental treatment into a budget can be difficult. We are happy to offer interest-free payment options for patients who need a little extra time to pay their portion. We use a company called CareCredit to provide all patients with as many financing options possible, at the lowest cost to the patient.

Q. What kind of implant system do you use?

A. I usually work with a company called American Dental Implant Corporation. I have used these implants for almost 15 years now. They are based in Pennsylvania and have been manufacturing dental implants for more than 30 years. They provide implants with a very high quality standard, and provide many options including external-hex (Branemark compatible) implants, internal-hex implants, wide and narrow diameter implants for special needs, and mini-implants. Most of their implants are also provided in non-coated or HA coated styles, depending on the application or the doctor’s preference. Customer service has always been an emphasis for American Dental Implant Corporation, and they are always willing to work with you and your dental lab, at no cost, to discuss the individual patient’s needs for proper restoration of the implant.

Q. What kind of x-ray diagnostics are available?

A. We can perform periapical and Panorex x-rays as needed for every patient, which can be sent to your office electronically for your review and records. Also, Cone Beam CT scans with 3-dimensional reconstructions can be performed in our office, and a copy of the CT can be sent to you on a DVD for your review and records. Our CT scan machine is a Kodak 9000, which is considered to be the most technologically-advanced equipment available at this time.

Q. Does Dr. Pitts do Laser surgery?

A. Many oral surgery soft tissue procedures, including excision of lesions, biopsies, frenectomies or ablative procedures are performed using a Carbon Dioxide Laser. This allows for reduced local soft tissue trauma at the time of surgery, less bleeding and bruising following the procedure, and faster healing with reduced discomfort for the patient.

Q. Does Dr. Pitts do Botox injections?

A. Botox injections are used in multiple treatment modalities. Usually in Oral Surgery practices, the injections are used for reducing or eliminating chronic facial pain (such as Trigeminal Neuralgia), reduction of chronic muscle spasm and muscle pain, and reduction of pain from migraine headaches which are induced or worsened by chronic muscle spasm. After an initial consultation, the use of Botox can be discussed with each patient to best determine their needs. Some patients will also choose to have Botox injections to improve their facial esthetics (such as reducing Masseter muscle hypertrophy), or reduce wrinkling around the eyes or lips, reduce dimpling of the chin, or reduce lines on the forehead. I can provide all of those services to patients using Botox, after an initial consultation.

Q. What should I expect regarding post-consultation and post-treatment correspondence?

A. I will always provide each referring doctor with a letter following their patient’s consultation or treatment which includes the examination, findings, and treatment provided. Copies of any x-rays, photos, or CT scans will also be included. Also, pathology reports will be attached, if necessary. These letters, photos, and x-rays can also be sent to each referring doctor electronically, if they prefer.

I will always try to provide each referring doctor with as much information as possible to keep them as informed as possible, and help to maintain adequate treatment records. Also, I will always call a referring doctor to discuss any unusual findings, complications, or pathology results.

Q. How can I reach Dr Pitts to discuss possible referrals or questions regarding patient care or follow-up?

A. I can always be easily reached at any time by just calling my office number. The office staff will inform me of the call during regular business hours, and my answering service can contact me any time after hours. I am always happy to answer any questions, or be of any help I can to serve your patients and your practice.

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